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FAQ For Provence Residence

  1. What is the elevation height from road level to the facilities deck and car park ramp to #02-02/#02-05?
    • Road level at main entrance: approx 6.8m
    • Road level at side gate (Sembawang Road): approx 6.0m
    • Facilities deck at 1st Storey (Learning and Entertainment zone): approx 9.15m
    • Facilities deck at 1st Storey (Function Room and Gym): approx 10.15m
    • Basement ramp landing in front of ESS (Electric Substation): approx 6.8m
  2. What is the distance from Stack 30 to the Level 2 Sky Lounge/Lawn
    • Approx 2.15m as measured from the Master Bedroom
  3. When is payment due for the Foundation Stage at Provence Residence?
    • 2nd Quarter of 2021
  4. For persons with disabilities, is there a lift from arrival lobby to the landscape deck?
    • Barrier-free access is provided from arrival court/drop-off to the landscape deck (function room) through the boutique lawn, green checker garden
  5. Which floor for Stack 25 and 30 can clear the 2nd Storey Sky Lounge/Lawn?
    • 4th Floor
  6. For units facing Canberra Link, which floor can clear the MRT track?
    • 7th Storey. However do note that all blocks are set away from the boundary line by 16.5m to 25m.
  7. Any window treatment for units facing the MRT track or facing West?
    • 600mm aluminum fins and ledge, window restrictor (open to max 30 degrees) provided
  8. What are the capacities or no. of pax for Function Rooms, Entertainment Zone, Learning Zone, Gym, Celebration Pavilion, Sky Dining?
    • Function Room (22 pax)
    • Entertainment Zone (16 pax)
    • Learning Zone (15 pax)
    • Gym (10 pax)
    • Celebration Pavilion (20 pax)
    • Sky Dining (12 pax)
    • (No. of pax based on seating provision)
  9. What is the purpose of the fins outside the window?
    • Design and aesthetics and also to help with noise mitigation
  10. How many lifts and refuse chutes are there per block?
    • 2 lifts and 2 refuse chutes (1 for recyclables)
    • Refer to the Site Plan for more details
  11. Can residents access the sky terrace of other blocks?
    • At present, residents may only gain access to their block and communal roof terrace
  12. How many BBQ pits are there, and what type is it?
    • 2 BBQ pits, electric
  13. What are the dimensions of the lap pool, family pool and kids' pool?
    • Lap Pool - approx. 50m (length) x 10.5m (width) x 1.2m (depth)
    • Family Pool - approx. 21m (length) x 13m (width) x 0.9m (depth)
    • Kids Pool - approx 11m (length) x 4.8m (width) x 0.5m (depth)
  14. Where is the water tank located for each block?
    • 11th storey for Block 23, 25, 27, 29
    • 13th storey for Block 31, 33, 35, 37, 39
  15. Does the carpark have any provision for electric car charging?
    • Possible conversion for EV charging after MCST is formed
  16. Is there any washing bay in the carpark?
    • No provision for washing bay
  17. Any locker for parcel delivery?
    • Yes
  18. Can the lift at sky lounge access to and from basement?
    • Yes, access to and from basement carpark is provided
  19. How long is the jogging trail from the start to end points?
    • 300m from the main entry to the BBQ Party Pavilion
  20. Any facilities at the Sky Terraces?
    • No facilities, only seating is provided
  21. What is the construction method for Provence Residence and can the walls be hacked?
    • Provence Residence construction method is not PPVC (Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction) and hence non-structural walls can be hacked
    • However, some bathrooms are Pre-Fabricated Units and cannot be hacked
  22. Is there any Intercom provision? Any video interface?
    • There is no intercom provision. There will be a telephony system between basement and 1st storey lift lobbies to apartment units
  23. How many ways are there to open the digital lock at the main door?
    • Biometric fingerprint scan, PIN number, access card, manual override keys
  24. What are the provisions for Smart Home?
    • Smart Home gateway
    • Digital lockset
    • 2 sets of air conditioning controls at Living and Master Bedroom
    • (No IP Camera provided)
  25. Where is the location of the Smoke Detector?
    • Living/Dining Room
  26. Is the water heater gas or electric? And where is the heater tank located?
    • Gas water heater located at AC ledge
    • No heater tank
  27. Is Kitchen cabinet LED provided?
    • Yes
  28. Is kitchen cooker hob supplied with City Gas?
    • Yes
  29. Which room type comes with kitchen metal rotary tray?
    • Only Unit Type D2
  30. What type of finishing are the kitchen tiles in?
    • Floor kitchen tiles are porcelain, in natural finish (non-polished, so that it is not slippery)
    • Wall kitchen tiles are in polished finish
  31. At the balcony, are there any electrical/water points and drainage traps?
    • No electrical and water point
    • There will be provision for drainage
  32. If buyers opt out of balcony screen, can they opt in after TOP? Any price difference for the balcony screen before/after TOP?
    • The deadline for buyers to opt in or out for balcony screen is July 2022
  33. Are there any special treatments for the windows?
    • All casement windows are single glazed glass
  34. How to identify which window panels are Fixed Panels, Top Hung or Casement?
    • Fixed Panels are marked with "FP" on the floor plan
    • All bedroom, bathroom (except C6 Junior Master Bathroom is Casement) and WC windows are top hung.
    • Kitchen windows are casement
  35. Any window for Type C1, C1a, C1b, C2, C2a bathroom? For mechanical ventilation in the bathroom, where is the location of the exhaust fan?
    • Refer to Floor Plans to check if there are windows for each unit type
    • Mechanical Ventilation fan is mounted at the bathroom ceiling
  36. Do all bathrooms come with rain shower?
    • Master bathrooms all are supplied with rain shower
  37. Do Type C1 and C2 master bathroom wall cabinet come with centre shelving?
    • No




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